Partnerships – Open Waters Louisiana


What Does a Partnership Look Like? 

There are three ways to partner with Open Waters. Whether you’re an educator, a headhunter, or a government official, we look forward to partnering with you to further our cause.

Share Maritime Career Opportunities With Us.

If you have a business in the maritime industry and are looking for passionate, qualified applicants, partner with us. We’ll post a link to your job openings on our site and get the word out through our social media channels.

Become A Stakeholder in Our Mission.

For too long, careers on the river have been Louisiana’s best kept secret and we are here to educate and promote them to everyone of all walks of life. A diverse workforce will make our State’s supply chain even healthier as we continue to grow into the United States’ most complex logistics epicenter within the global economy.

If you share our mission to open the river up to people of all backgrounds, join us. The more financial support we receive, the wider our reach.

Join our Roadshow Team

If you’d like to join us on the road at career fairs and other events, we’d like to hear from you.

Become an Open Waters Partner.