DEI Policy – Open Waters Louisiana

DEI Policy


The New Orleans-Baton Rouge Steamship Pilots Association (“NOBRA”) and Crescent River Port Pilots Association (“Crescent”) are committed to ensuring equity in job and economic opportunities throughout the maritime industry.

Through our collective policies, procedures and a robust diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) program, NOBRA and Crescent have partnered to develop the *Open Waters Initiative*, a program designed to strengthen our organizations and our communities by proactively seeking to connect communities of color and women to the maritime industry. We believe that we are positioning our state for collective impact and economic vitality by providing equitable opportunities for diverse communities and small and historically underutilized suppliers. The Open Waters initiative will be integrated as part of our respective associations’ daily business activities and will foster the development of strong and sustainable relationships with and among all communities. These efforts will bolster and facilitate access to opportunities in the maritime industry through a combination of:

Strategic Partnerships – We will collaborate with key stakeholders to create opportunities to educate and expose communities of color and women to the maritime industry through supplier diversity, matchmaker sessions, electronic and print communications, and participation in events statewide.

Community Engagement – Through community events, we will educate communities of color and women effectively bringing them closer to employment within the maritime industry. Community engagement will create a bridge between the community and the maritime world, laying down a path for success. Maritime Day (career day), internship programs, scholarship programs and other initiatives will expand awareness of the industry.

Workforce Development – Through partnerships, we will work to bring new talent into the maritime industry and will partner with stakeholders to advance the development of current members of the maritime workforce to advance our DEI initiatives and programs.

KPIs and Metrics – We will implement policies that will greatly advance our DEI initiatives and programs and track key performance metrics to identify opportunities for programmatic growth and to ensure that the *Open Waters Initiative *remains relevant and impactful.

“This initiative is a long time coming. We’re here to make sure people from all walks of life have their shot at an exciting and meaningful career on the river.”