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We are
river pilots
on a mission.

There’s a wealth of opportunity
in Louisiana’s maritime industry.

We’re here to help you navigate it.

Down here, it’s a big, deep river, flowing with opportunity for everyone from cooks and crane operators to deckhands and dispatchers. For hundreds of years, in and outside of the pilot house, men and women have found discovery, excitement and a sense of accomplishment on the Mississippi River. 

With Open Waters, the Crescent River Port Pilots and the New Orleans – Baton Rouge Steamship Pilots Associations (NOBRA) are paying it forward. Jobs across the country in the maritime industry are predicted to grow at a rate of 13 percent by 2022 with an additional 10,900 jobs in this sector. Our mission is to share what we’ve known for years about Louisiana’s maritime industry – that there is a wealth of career opportunities out there for men and women from all backgrounds and vocations who share a sense of duty, an understanding of true responsibility, and a desire to do something meaningful with their lives. 

Let the adventure begin.

Louisiana is home to the largest port complex in the world and, as such, is an integral part of the supply chain in waterborne commerce in the global economy. Diversity is the key to our success – in careers, staffing and in cargo. Here we transport a mixed bag of bulk and other commodities, from foreign countries, as well as states in the middle of the country. These vessels contain trillions of dollars in commodities every year, carrying everything we need to survive and thrive. That’s how we’re able to keep goods – and careers – moving. 

Life on the Mississippi is about being part of a team who protect the people, property and interests of the State of Louisiana. By being the best there is at what we do, those of us who work this river make our state and our nation proud. Mighty Mississippi proud. 


Louisiana ranks #1 in waterborne traffic.

1 in5

The maritime industry is responsible for 1 in 5 jobs in Louisiana – 45% more direct jobs than the oil and gas.

525,000 Jobs

Louisiana industries in the global trade business create 525,000 jobs in the state.


These businesses have an annual economic impact of more than $182 billion.

Crescent River